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WxLive Webinar #148 - Jeff Graham - New Version 20 Features of HFSQL

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 30.04.2015 14:33

Friday 1 May, 2015
8:00 AM Central US Time


New Version 20 Features for HFSQL

Short demo of new Control Center features
150 - New Ribbon interface
151 - Detachable tabs
152 - Simultaneous data edits (file or query)
153 - New query editor with intellisense
154 - Query History
SQL Views
155 - Application can use views in queries
156 - Independent of physical data structure
156 - Use for security
158 - compatibility (no need to recompile when data structure changes)
159 - Two ways to create: CREATE VIEW SQL command or Query Editor
160 - HModifyViewRights to control user/group rights for a view
Materialized views
161 - View data is stored on server and not accessed on each use of view but data can be different than current data.
162 - Uses (statistics, reporting, data binding, mailings, creating flat files, etc.
163 - Two ways to create: CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW SQL command or data model editor
164 - Updating a materialized view with REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW SQL command or data model editor


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