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Page footer in report

Startbeitrag von Sammy Broeders am 05.05.2015 11:28


How is it possible when a report has 1 page to print the page footer on this page, and when it is 2 or more pages only print the page footer on the last page?
It is an invoice with the total prices in the page footer wich i only want on the last page.
By discripton i can set invisible on the first page, but when its only one page, its also invisible on it.


Hi Sammy

did you try to move the content from the End of Page area to the End of Report one?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.05.2015 11:37
Take "Report Description"
in Sequence of printing report there is three sections
1. Select the first option
2. Third option
3. uncheck both option
Thanks Biju

von Biju George - am 05.05.2015 14:56
Thanks Fabrice! That works for me.
And how can i put the total page numbers on each page? Like on the first of 2 pages 1/2 and the second 2/2 etc.

von Sammy Broeders - am 05.05.2015 21:12
Just use one preset control, normally on the page footer.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 06.05.2015 08:56
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