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starter newbie question

Startbeitrag von Starter am 09.05.2015 21:40

I just started with windev today i am learning about HF and there links
i was wondering if it is possible to have a edit field that automaticly browse the data
for exampel if i have a data file with as content 3 names Alfred / Bachman / Cade
so when i would type A the edit field would select Alfred automatic
if so how can i do that?



that could be done via a combo box with input linked to the file (and via many other things)

If you just started today, the most important thing to do is to FIRST follow all the lessons in the tutorial in DETAILS (and by that I mean recreate each example by hand)

This will teach you so many basic techniques that you will need to know that the week you'll spend doing that will be reimbursed many many many times.

best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2015 21:52
Hi Starter, Welcom to the world of WX ( windev webdev windev mobile )

I totally agree with Fabrice. It is stated in the tutorial as well and it is verry true.

Maybe normally you just start without reading a tutorial / manual. In the case of Windev it really pays off just to do the tutorial even if you understand the examples when reading throught he example code.

Just reproduce them. It really is a short lurning curve to get the basics. But you have to grasp the basics. When you do get the basics you will see that there are always many ways to get the same result

To see that you have to lurn the windev way of doing things. You will be in for a big surprice in how easy , yet powerfull , it is.

It has countless features but even if you get the basics you will be able to produce an applications in days that would have taken weeks to do in for instance Visual studio.

So please help yourself and do the tutorial.



von Allard - am 11.05.2015 06:43
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