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How to perform the following task under webdev?

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 13.05.2015 11:44


if e-mail alert are sends to a participant, the participant can click a link in the e-mail task alert to open the page containing the relevant information ( will need to bypass the security access and open up the relevant page with the correct parameter under webdev ).

Any suggestion on how to complete such task ( can ignore the sending of email portion)?




Hi Peter,

it's quite easy... Just create an AWP page.
The link in your email should point to that page with values as parameter to do a specific task...
In your page, use the pageparameter function to retrieve the parameters value, and according to them, display whatever you need to display in your page...

I am using that mechanism to validate accounts when they are created on my web site.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.05.2015 12:20
I don't know if you are familiar with AWP pages, if so or if you think this is the time to start working with them use Fabrice solution.

If not you can do it using almost the same solution with dynamic sites. Just compose the link in the email to start your app and using one or more parameters, in the init code of your project check the parameter values with pageparameter and go to the page you need bypassing the security access.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 13.05.2015 13:29
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