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Open cash drawer

Startbeitrag von Amh am 14.05.2015 06:08

Hello! every body
now i'm using windev18
i wanna open cash drawer by programming
but i don't know the instruction to do this
could anyone help me?


Well i asume u got your codes for Your printer you using for cash drawer.

I tried to generate automatic function to get codes, but that worked only on several printers.
Then i started to manually write down code and this is how it looks for example for STAR TSP-600


von Ivan V. - am 14.05.2015 06:33
My cash drawer is MK-420 Cash Drawer

von Amh - am 14.05.2015 07:10
Yeah but u connecting it to POS Printer Right?
Well, then u need codes to send signal to Cash Drawer to open it.
You need to know model of printer You using.

von Ivan V. - am 14.05.2015 07:15
ah ha... i wanna open it without printer

von Amh - am 14.05.2015 07:23
If you tell me how u want to open it without printer i could help you.
What connection are you using for it?

von Ivan V. - am 14.05.2015 07:26
i'm very sorry,
the connection that u mean, it is the DB connection alright?

von Amh - am 14.05.2015 07:40
i connected by USB INTERFACE

von Amh - am 14.05.2015 07:42
Well i dont have many experience with USB cash drawer.
But i asume u ll need drivers for that Cash Drawer and then with drivers u ll get it to simulate COM port for cash drawer and then rest is for you to use sWrite() function in proper way.

von Ivan V. - am 14.05.2015 07:48
Hi Amh

the fist thing to do is to contact the hardware manufacturer to get the proper basic information. Some hardware come with a SDK, a dll, or something of the type that you can/have to call in a specific way... Other are just connected as serial hardware and can be talked to using the sxxxx instruction as stated in a previous answer.

However, without knowing the specifics of YOUR hardware, we can't be more specific ourselves, and the question has to be asked to the hadrware manufacturer, as it is not a windev question per se

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.05.2015 13:53
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