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How do I use a Query on Several databases

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 18.05.2015 09:33

Hello All.

I need some help. Is it possible to create a query based on file_1 and then use the same query on file_2. Both files have the same structure?

I am working with two sets of files. One set for current period and another set for history. Ideally I would like to use the same query on the current file as well as the history file without having to create two separate queries.

Eg. Query on File_1 = findinvoice_qry. I would like to use the same query (findinvoice_qry) on file_2 when I need it without creating a specific query for file_2.

I trust I get some help soon.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Sam

AFAIK, the query editor dosn't have this option, but you can also do that by using a text query...

Or you can reuse the sql text (..sqlcode if I remember correctely) of an existing query and search replace the file name in it

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.05.2015 10:03
Thank you Fabrice. I suggest this be given consideration in newer edition.


von Sam Asid - am 18.05.2015 10:32
You can use HChangeName for that.


von Paulo Oliveira - am 18.05.2015 13:50
Thanks Paulo. I will explore it.

von Sam Asid - am 18.05.2015 18:41
Might also look at HAlias.

von artbonds - am 19.05.2015 00:29
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