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WxDevCon 2015 - Amelia Island Florida

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 18.05.2015 17:03

WxDevCon 2015

If your goal is to improve your WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile (Wx) skills, or if your goal is to network with other Wx developers, this event is for you.  During this full week event, you will be exposed to information that will help to increase your productivity, user satisfaction, and knowledge.
This year’s event is at the Hampton Inn & Suites in beautiful Amelia Island Florida the week of October 5, 2015.
You will have access to…
2 days of basic training in the “Fundaments Bootcamp with Practical Emphasis” course offered by Glenn Rathke of WxTraining.us
3 days of moderate to advanced topics from well known and respected members of the Wx Community

Andy Stapleton | Fabrice Harari | Larry Meadlin | Pete Halsted | Jeff Graham

Register now!!

Early Bird pricing available until 26 June, 2015

NEW FOR 2015!
You have spoken and we are responding!  In previous years, participants have said that they would like to have more choices regarding the topics offered.  Now, you can choose whether you want to attend the main sessions or alternates.
“Off Stage” sessions with Fabrice Harari.
“Sidebar Discussions”
Note… These sessions are optional and included in your registration
As always lunches and breaks are included in your registration fee!



:hot: Just two weeks remaining to get the Early Bird pricing! :hot:


Save up to 15%!

von tfischbeck - am 11.06.2015 14:19
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