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[WB19] - How to acknowledge email receipt

Startbeitrag von Joel am 22.05.2015 17:57

Hi everyone -

I want my system to know when someone opens an email. So I plan to put a link in every email that will open a program and with the data in the URL, update a record that that email had been received.

I only work in webdev - I know I can open a App in a new window, pass it the string, and update the record. But how to I programmably close that window? I don't want to make the user do it.




Hi Joel

there is NO way to put anything in an email that will act automatically when the email is open (and I'm very happy about that, as that would be a HUGE security problem)

You can put a link in it, but hte user will HAVE to click on it

And if you are thinking of having a link to an image that will be on your server, you can forget about it as those links are blocked by most email programs

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 22.05.2015 18:39
Hi Fabrice and thanks - and happy belated birthday too!

I guess I'm not good at explaining what I'm planning to do. Not looking for "an email that will act automatically when the email is open" - boy, would that be a mess. And didn't plan on an image process either.

The link will open a window, start a webdev application, absorb the info in the URL, update the database and then close itself. It's the "closing itself" that I'm wonderin about. Is there a command to close the Application and/or the window it's in?



von Joel - am 22.05.2015 20:44
Hi Joel,

I don't know if you looked up DispositionNotification which you use to display a notification to the user when they open it to confirm that they read (or at least opened) the e-mail. The response is sent to the e-mail address you have written in your code. As previously stated the user have to actually click on the Send confirmation button. A person can cancel the confirmation as well.

If you need to put it in a database, I think you can in WebDev (as in WinDev), check e-mails for the subject of the read e-mail that will be like: "Read: the subject of the e-mail". Then write the code to put it in the database...


von kimor - am 23.05.2015 05:48
Hi Joel

If I understand correctly, you can just put a link in the email. This link is a simple URL pointing to an awp page of your site with as many parameters as you need.

When the user clicks on the link, the awp page is opened in the users browser, and the page code is of course executed.

In it, you can read the parameters as usual, do whatever it is you need to do (write in the DB) and so on

However, closing the browser after that (or just the browser tab) automatically would NOT be best practice, as for the user they would have a window opening and closing without them knowing what's going on...And that kind of things smells a lot like a virus behavior...

Instead, I suggest that you display a thank you message, or a status message, or just use that opportunity to display to the user something of interest.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.05.2015 10:50
Hi Joel,

How about using the DispositionNotification command to get a verification pop-up at the users end when opening it?
Then you can fetch the verification with a program and add to the database.


von kimor - am 23.05.2015 18:32
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