Custom button creation in windev

Startbeitrag von Naveen Rathan am 26.05.2015 07:23


I am a newbie and I want to create custom button in WinDev. Any help is appreciated.

Thams and Regards,
Naveen Rathan


If what you want is to create one control by code check ControlCreate in the help.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 26.05.2015 09:31
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the reply. Actually my requirement is much simpler. I just want to create a button with my own design; say like a button that looks like a diamond/triangle/circle etc..

Thanks and Regards,
Naveen Rathan

von Naveen Rathan - am 26.05.2015 11:12

Just create a regular button, then go in it's properties and play with its style, or simply change the images used for the background or icon on top

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.05.2015 11:26
Hi Mr Raveen,

just use a clickable image in WinDev and WinDev Mobile!
There are even some examples for that ...

von GuenterP - am 26.05.2015 11:28
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