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[WB20] WW_Dashboard doesn't work outside the WB20 environment

Startbeitrag von Gus am 26.05.2015 19:03


I'm trying the WW_Dashboard example (WB20) and it works fine locally, but when I try to run from a web server, I get this error:

The site did not operate properly because no page was returned by the WebDev Application Server.
To correct this problem:
- Check that a first dynamic page is defined
- Check whether the possible calls to EndProgram() or ContextClose() are preceded by a call to a display command (PageDisplay, ScriptDisplay, StringDisplay, FileDisplay, ASPDisplay, PHPDisplay)

I double checked and there is a first dynamic page defined. I also tried to run locally from the web server, and I get same error, so it seems it only works fine from the Development machine environment.
I also added a static page with a button to display the dynamic page from there, but I got same results; it works fine form the WD20 test, but not from the web server. When I click the button, I get same error...

I also installed the WW_Blog_AWP dynamic site, but so far it works fine.

I would appreciate any feedback.


Hi Gus

I get this kind of problems when the access to the DB is not defined correctly... The data needed to display the page is not read, generate and error, and no page is returned...

I would look at your hdescribeconnection, ini information about DB or something of the sort, if I were you

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 26.05.2015 20:47

SOLVED! Re: [WB20] WW_Dashboard doesn't work outside the WB20 environment

Hello Fabrice:

Thanks for the answer.

The problem was in the ModifyTestValues( ) routine called from the Page initialization, which is an "Automated procedure mechanism" defined as Timer/Scheduled to be run for ever...

This routine is used to simulate some statistics, but for some reason, the server doesn't like it.. I will further investigate it but it's working now...


von Gus - am 27.05.2015 00:37
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