WebDev19 LOOPER problem when using Internet Explorer

Startbeitrag von Bjørn H. am 27.05.2015 15:03

I have just converted a WebDev16 application to WebDev19.

This application contains an Ajax Looper with various input fields on each line. All these fields all have Looper attributes. They are filled by LooperAddLine, thus the Looper is not directly connected to a database table.

The problem is when I launch the application in the Internet Explorer browser. It is simply impossible to enter the input fields inside the Looper via mouse clicks. IE immediately loose focus, neither single click or double clicks do work. This problem prevents the user from entering data. The only way to enter the input fields is to navigate using the Tab-key.

This problem seems to occur only in Ajax Loopers. Classic Loopers work fine, but i cannot use that Looper-type in this application.

I use IE 11. This problem does not occur in Chrome or Firefox. And it does not occur in IE 11 when compiled in WebDev16.

Has anyone of you experienced this kind of mouse click focus problem in loopers using IE ....?

Any workaround out there? Maybe I could force the field entry by using some WLanguage function? (When I use Info() on the OnClick event just for testing, it actually breaks the focus loss).

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.



Hi Bjorn

generally, the only way to solve these problems with IE is to tell it to run as an older version in the page/template directives

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.05.2015 16:11

It guess that it is the conversion problem.
Why not trying to create a blank new wb19 windows to test out, I
bet it works a charm.




von kingdr - am 27.05.2015 18:06

I experienced the same problem when converting a WB 18 application to WB 19. Most of the problems I have is with numeric fields but definitely there is a problem using the looper in IE 11.

I don't really have the time to find out why and do a fix on all my loopers, if there was something to do, so I asked my clients to switch to Chrome but it is a major issue because you want your application working in the major browsers.

If you find a solution please post it on the forum.

Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 27.05.2015 20:11
Thanks for your engagement guys!

To Fabrice: I guess running IE as an older version (using the page/template directives) would help, but I fear that the application will face other problems, especially in the Ajax browser code.

To kingdr: Sorry but the same problem occurs in IE 11 with a brand new Ajax Looper in a brand new created Page in WebDev19. Has anyone tested this on WebDev20 yet...?

To Ericus: I totally agree, we can't tell the clients to use a specific browser only. This application is used by hundreds of suppliers worldwide so it simply has to work on the major browsers.

I have sent the topic to PC SOFT Tech Support. Their answer will be posted as soon as I get it. Thanks again!

von Bjørn H. - am 28.05.2015 08:59

[SOLVED] Re: WebDev19 LOOPER problem when using Internet Explorer

The solution to this Looper focus problem is simply: WebDev 20!

The Looper problem in WebDev 19 was first reported to PC SOFT Tech Support. Their answer was: "Sorry but it's not a known problem"....

In desperation I immediately order the WebDev 20 Pre-release Upgrade, installed it and tested it on my application with the Looper problem.
That did the trick! No focus problem occurs in my Loopers on neither IE, Chrome og Firefox when running WebDev 20. And in general the Loopers behave more 'smooth' when scrolling and entering data than in the previous version of WebDev.

So I guess the problem was known anyway...

(probably the only WxxDev developer in Norway...)

von Bjørn H. - am 16.06.2015 06:46

Re: [SOLVED] Re: WebDev19 LOOPER problem when using Internet Explorer


(probably the only WxxDev developer in Norway...)

Nope, there`s one here to ;)


von Tor-Bjarne - am 16.06.2015 09:54

Re: [SOLVED] Re: WebDev19 LOOPER problem when using Internet Explorer

Thanks for the answer Bjørn.

If you look at the post from Victoria Cabalerro you can now run into other issues with Popups in IE 11 if you do upgrade your project to Webdev 20.

What's a man to do?


Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 16.06.2015 21:21
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