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[WM20] What JDK / Android SDK versions are required...

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 28.05.2015 13:28

Hi guys,

For someone (like me ;) ) who has just purchased WDM20, could someone outline what the best versions of the JDK and the Android SDK are required for WDM20 to work correctly?



Hi. Im using JDK 7, and the Android SDK version depends of the Android target for your application.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 28.05.2015 15:00

I'm interested to know what Android version you and others are targetting for their apps?

This link suggests that Android 4.4 is (by far) the most popular version in use at the moment:

Would you agree?

von DarrenF - am 28.05.2015 15:52
Hi. I have installed all version from 4.0. Previous versions are very rare today.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 28.05.2015 22:21
I have jdk8 with Android 4.4.2 in w7/w8.1 (64-bit) and works a charm with wm20.


von kingdr - am 29.05.2015 12:26
Thanks everyone! :spos:

@King - You mention 64bit.Are you saying that you have WM20 64bit working ok in 64bit Win8.1 with 64bit JDK/SDK's? I ask because previously WX products have been a little (erm) "flakey" on 64bit platforms...

von DarrenF - am 29.05.2015 13:37
Yes Darren, all 64-bit, don't go back 32-bit. :).

Not that I know it's flakey but it's good so far.

I like ios appDev with wm19, so smooth, and that's why I upgraded to wm20.


von kingdr - am 29.05.2015 15:17
Thanks King...

Are you also running with WD20 & WB20 64bit without any "flakey" problems?

Looking to the near future, I'm also starting to think about the effect that Windows 10 might have? :eek:

von DarrenF - am 29.05.2015 15:26

I only upgraded wm20 for reason of developing iPhone apps of which wm19's
features didn't cover.

I wait for wx21 as I have too many versions for wb/wd(19-15) to look after.

And I don't see advantages on wb/wd20 vs wb/wd19.

Have you tried out wx on win10 previews and I'd love to hear anyone likes it or not?

Personally, I don't like w8.1 at all.



von kingdr - am 29.05.2015 18:49

1. about JDK/SDK:
JDK: always the last version available
SDK: always the last version available -AND- depending on your targets, up to ALL the others ones (as there are many countries where older phones with older android version are still there, or even still sold)... so that depends on YOU

2. about 64 bits: no problem with the system, but MANY potential problems and SURE limitations with windev 64 (bits) (the editor)... there is a list of limitations in the help that you have to check to make sure it wont be a problem...
But really, you should look at it the other way. PCSoft published a 64 bits version ONLY for people who have HUGE projects (thousands of files in the analysis by example) and need the extra memory to keep acceptable performances... that's the ONLY plus...
If you are not in that case, stay in 32 bits, that's THEIR advice (and mine)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.05.2015 11:24

Might need to "pick your brains" regarding iPhone / iPad apps. Like what hardware do you own in order to be sure your apps can be tested and deployed without any issues. Do you deploy to the App Store or just internally?

von DarrenF - am 30.05.2015 12:09
Hi Fabrice,

That's what I thought... as long as nothing has changed significantly, I'll continue down the 32bit route :spos:

von DarrenF - am 30.05.2015 12:12

I use Enterprise license from Apple and directly write to iPhone6+,5,4 and iPAD
and copying wm20's iosApp into iMac mini (OSX Yosomite 10.10.3 ) with XCode Desktop as the deploying platform to ios devices and it works a charm, just click-click-click, no hastle at all.

The Enterprise lic is great without sending apps to Apple Store but it's
expensive and have to renew it every year of cost US299/yr.




von kingdr - am 31.05.2015 13:38
Hi Darren

as for the hardware to own... it really depens of what your target is... If it's an enterprise solution and you can IMPOSE a certain version of iphone/ipad + OS, then you need the same thing for testing...

If it's a general population app, then you need to decide what is your bottom line (and that's true for android too) so you'll develop your app for the LOWEST resolution and have it expend when necessary... You'll need at least your "lowest" and "highest" target as hardware for testing, if you want to be NEARLY sure you wont have any problem...

Be careful also that some hardware MAY NOT have their OS updated to the last version...

So basically, it is a pain in the ass to test for any case where you cannot FORCE the hardware choice (My desk is starting to look like a telephone store)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2015 14:19
Hi DarrenF

Here my advice
1. for android sdk , you can download latest version just make sure you download .zip version. don't use installer version. create a folder c:\android\sdk . after unzip the sdk, run sdk manager to download the tools.

2. don't use android emulator because it's very very very slow . get an android device phone / tablet .

you can connect the device via USB or wireless . make sure you enable usb debugging if you want to use usb cable or enable debug over tcp if you want use wifi

for usb
make sure the driver is installed when you plug-in. some android device may not recognize . check device manager . if all done , WM will list out your device.

you can use android ADB.exe to check .
C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe devices

for wireless .
DO NOT RUN WM20 before you finish the following
make sure your notebook and android device connect to same wireless network. check on your android device the ip address

for example if ip on your android device is
test using ping

if ok
run adb connect 192.168.32
once connect , run wm20 . you should see the android device after compile.

make sure you set wireless never off on your android device . once disconnect , you must close wm20 and repeat the steps.

I advice you use wireles, because after 1 year of using usb , the usb port on my android device become loose .

3. for potrait or landscape mode , I can't give you advice . the app i develop i set it to landscape .

4. font , since wm18 until wm20 beta , font doesn't work . wm20 allow to display android font on windows but not on android (this part I think PCsoft is either making a jokes or think us stupid.) .

even if on android you can use app to change the font, the font in app generate by WM won't change . this is because WM app font hardcode to a filename.

if you really need to use a font in your app and you have control on the android device , this is what i did,
1. root the device
2. WM app keep reference from a font , rename font you want to use to the font filename. there should be 3 to 4 files for a set of font (.ttf)

5. resolution , if you develop app to run on retina screen 2048*1536 , make sure you use WM20 , all wm images prior to this version will endup blur .

6. database , I haven't test this on wm20 beta , I will do the test after the final version release . when i develop my app i use wm19, i encounter intermittent access denied problem when i try insert, update or delete of record. i change to sqlite which has one small problem with currency fields , there is number limit include decimal point , once hit your last number will be round up
for example 12345.15 when you read will become 12345.2 .
this is cause by sqlite library that use in wm19 is old version .

if you use app that use latest sqlite library , the amount will be display correct not round up.

the solution is don't use currency , i use integer then the amount *100 and devide 100

hope my experinces will help

von ccc2 - am 09.06.2015 16:42
Thanks to everyone who joined in :spos:

@ccc2 - Your comprehensive instructions helped a great deal in getting a simple test onto my "non-descript" Android 4.2 phone which meant I had to use the generic MTK drivers to get my phone connected via USB. I take your point about using wireless in the long term, and will follow your instructions to make it happen :cheers:

Looks like I'll making contact with my friendly Android phone supplier in Ch!na to (maybe) purchase some (cost effective) Android phones/tablets to "fill-in-the-gaps" in my suite of "test" phones :xcool: ...and then hire a warehouse to put them all in?!

Thanks again...

von DarrenF - am 16.06.2015 09:07
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