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Startbeitrag von SolutionJ-Reg am 28.05.2015 16:13


Hi all,

OK, I generated a setup file for a new, very small application I've written. As it was the first install I included HFCS setup and the Framework in the install file, uploaded to the client's PC and installed it fine. All this, by the way, using English only in the setup file etc.

I then needed to make a change to the program, so I then generated a new setup file, this time not including the HFCS setup and not including the Framework (as it is now already installed on the client's computer).

However, whatever I do or try, when I try to install the new version of the program I get a prompt, in French, telling me the Framework needs to be downloaded via FTP from PC Soft's website.

I've tried manually deleting the wdf file then creating a new one. I've tried using the WDINST utility as well as the setup menu option. AARRGGGH!!!

Can anyone please help before I explode? I don't have this problem with WD15 by the way.




the problem is that the setup program itself is a WinDev program and needs the runtime DLLs at a defined place to be accessed. In reality, a PC Soft-Setup in v18 without the framework will be impossible. Maybe, the MSI-Setup-option works without the framework? Or the 'small' setup option? We're using Innosetup instead - it doesn't need a framework, signing of the setup.exe initially had been a small adventure but once you know how to do it, it is possible as well.

von GuenterP - am 28.05.2015 17:00
Thanks Guenter...

von SolutionJ-Reg - am 28.05.2015 22:12
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