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Error installing windev 19 on windows 8.1 pro machine :RESOLVED

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 28.05.2015 18:59


I am trying to install WD 19 on a Windows 8.1 pro machine and am getting the follwing error.

126 returned by GetLastError
System Error Details: The Specified Module could not be found.

I am trying to install : WD190PACKDVDUS044t.exe

I have never had WD 19 on this machine but am running WD18

I am installing from the download but when i click through the error the install program tells me to put disk #2 into my CD drive.

I have disabled my virus software and also tried to "run as administrator"

Anyone ever seen anything like this?


Re: Error installing windev 19 on windows 8.1 pro machine

Hi Steve,

I haven't installed 19 on windows 8.1, instead I just copied the directory from a windows 7 machine, so I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks like the installer is incomplete????

My version 44t is about 3GB... Is yours the same size?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.05.2015 19:15

Re: Error installing windev 19 on windows 8.1 pro machine

Hi Fabrice,

Yes it is about that size. I have the disks on the way and suppose I can just wait until then.



von steve erts - am 28.05.2015 21:06

Re: Error installing windev 19 on windows 8.1 pro machine


I've been running windows 8.1 64-bit with wx19/17 with no problem.

For short, you could install wd19 in any machine then copy the whole folder/subfolder content ie "\windev 19\" (latest version) to yr w8.1pro and runs with dongle and it
also works a charm.



von kingdr - am 29.05.2015 12:18
This must have been an issue with the download file from PC Soft Website. Once I installed from CD there was no problem.

von steve erts - am 02.06.2015 13:37
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