[WD19] Ambiguous problem deploying site remotely via FTP

Startbeitrag von samling am 28.05.2015 22:51

So I have a site that I took over from another developer to make some changes to. Now that the changes are made I want to put it on a QA server for the users to test.

At first I was getting FTP-related errors when testing the deployment parameters in WebDev. Those were resolved by explicitly giving the FTP user I created permissions to the FTP site I set up in IIS. On the QA server (i.e. target machine) side, I started the (10-user) application server and created an admin user to fill out as the WebDev account in the deployment parameters on the dev machine side. When I try to test the parameters, I see:

"(i) Checking the version of the Application Server
(i) Validating the deployment parameters

An error occurred while retrieving some information from one or more Application Servers"

The (i)s are just there to represent the information icon, which is to say there are no errors displayed other than the "An error occurred" message.

I am giving the IP address of the application server and the deployment parameters are set to use passive FTP. I verified that I can both telnet to the target server on port 21 as well as to go ftp://(deployment server ip) and log in with the user I created. Everything should be good on the Windows side, I believe this is something specifically WebDev-related.

Other information:
IIS 7.5
WebDev 19
Target machine is Windows Server 2008 R2
Dev machine is Windows 8

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Hi samling,

Most of the time when I see these types of errors it is telling me that webdev is not properly configured for the IIS site that you are referencing. It could be as simple as a missing virtual directory or possibly a missing handler mapping in IIS to the wd*awp.exe file.

In most cases, running the Webdev administrator and then going to Advanced -> diagnostics and testing both the server and the specific application in question will yield a result set that provides you the ability to repair the problem from that set.

I have seen some cases where the web.config xml file was so out of sorts that the webdev administrator was failing to fix the issue and I'd have to fix it manually. Hopefully that is not the case here.


von KenKnight - am 08.06.2015 20:29
Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply, sorry for my late response. I just wanted to follow up in case anyone else ever finds this thread. The problem was indeed on the target server side, where I ran the diagnostics and figured out that on my QA box WebDev had set itself up with Apache instead of IIS (from a botched attempt at using a deployment package).



von samling - am 17.06.2015 16:15
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