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Add Collumn to table

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 30.05.2015 18:30


I want to make a table dynamic.

So there are some columns. But depending on some issues I want to add severall columns.

I thought there was a TableAddColumn() but that is something else.

Is there a to reset the columns and chosse different colums

something like

TTableDeleColumn(Table_Dynamic,3) to delete column 3


Willy Hermans


Hi Willy

what you are loking for is ControlClone

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 30.05.2015 19:16

Adding columns seems to work perfect.


But there is still a problem whern adding data to it.

Sometimes there will be added 1 collumn but then there are 2, 3 maybe 10 collums

TabeleAddline works with a variable number of parameters. It does not work with an array as CollumnParameter

TableaddLine(MyTable, Col1)

TableaddLine(MyTable, Col1,Col2)

TableaddLine(MyTable, Col1.Col2,Col3)


It is not an elegant method to use
If MyTable..NumberColum = 5
TableaddLine(MyTable, Col1.Col2,Col3,Col4,Col5)
else if ...

Is'nt there a possibillity to add a column via something like tableaddline(mytable,myarray)


von willy hermans - am 04.06.2015 13:03
If you use tabeladd it's easy.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 04.06.2015 13:08
This works perfect.


von willy hermans - am 04.06.2015 13:51
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