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How to extract Images from an Excel file with Particular name

Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 31.05.2015 12:40

Hi All;

I am facing a difficult Scenario. I just had a excel file with many rows and columns.
Row 1 contains code and Row 2 contains the picture of some items of an inventory.
Now i need to extract the images from the Excel file in such a way that the Image name should be the consecutive code as in same column next to Image.
I have attached a screen shot for references, Expecting a solution

Thank's in Advance


Hi Amal,

well, first it depends if you want to use excel automation (ie excel needs to be installed) or an external tool like gembox spreadsheet.

In the first case, record a macro doing what you need by hand, then look at the generated vba code ad translate it in wlanguage

In the second, refer to the external tool documentation for instructions

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.05.2015 14:14
Thanks Fabrice:cheers:

Will check both and get back to you!!!!

von Amal Murali - am 31.05.2015 14:26
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