WB19: Is a table inside a cell much slower to load data?

Startbeitrag von Michael Q am 07.06.2015 16:02

Is it the case that if one puts a table into a cell, then the table data is slower to be rendered?

When I test my page with a simple Ajax data table it loads fast and the data is rendered immediately.

If I then add a cell to the page and cut and paste the table into it, the data in the table takes about 2 seconds before it appears in the table. This delay seems odd behaviour given that the only difference is the containing cell. There are no code changes.

Is this normal behaviour? If not, what might be causing this? This big performance hit makes the system very sluggish.

Thank you.


Hi Michael,

I have Ajax tables in cells all the time, because my templates have a container cell.
Never noticed any delay.


von Piet van Zanten - am 08.06.2015 08:05
Thanks Piet.

I tested with Chrome & IE and they load quickly. It is also OK with Firefox if I only have a couple of other sites open. The problem occurs in Firefox if I have a lot of other sites open, so I assume it is struggling to render the page, although I have 16gb ram and other non WB sites seem to load OK.

In this case there is a pronounced lag which seems odd given that the only difference is the presence of a cell. Very odd...and irritating.

Many thanks,


von Michael Q - am 08.06.2015 08:44

I also noticed this problem at times
But only if the cell used anchoring (esp centering)
If you are using unneeded anchoring try to disable it


von Wouterke - am 01.07.2015 15:27
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