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Tabcontrol tabledisplay

Startbeitrag von Frank Luykx am 08.06.2015 16:11


One month ago I decided to leave programming in Acces and proceed with Windev19
I followed the manual but I encounter a problem:

A tabcontrol with a query and a search parameter on the customer name and also a customer detail screen.

When a put a part of a name in the search string the tabcontrol delivers the right records.
Selecting a specific record I want the details of that record in the Customer detail form.

I use the command

But the customer detail form remains empty.
What am I missing?
Any help will be apprecieted very much.

Thanks in advance
Best regards




TableDisplay is executed when open(WIN) is done, when the window is closed

von Markus K. - am 08.06.2015 16:55
Hi Frank,

If I understand correctly your question, you want to display the DETAILS of a record...

TableDisplay starts a redisplay of your TABLE content (the whole table, inside the table)...

What you need to do :
- modify your open statement to send the unique ID of the record to the second window
- in the second window, get that unique ID and do a hreadseek(file,key, uniqueID) then a filetoscreen (of course, all of your details fields need to be linked to the corresponding file items

Of course, this is only ONE of several ways of doing this...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.06.2015 17:59
Hello Fabrice,

Thank you for your answer. Like you describe it I was used tot do it with vba and access.
I will give it a try tomorrow and I keep you informed.
Thanks again and best regards


von Frank Luykx - am 08.06.2015 19:37
Hello Fabrice,

I understand very well your email, but I can't find out how to tranfer with a variable the custoerID from the tablecontrol tot the code in the window of the customer detail.

I've been looking on the internet for the last 2 days but I do not find any sample.

Where could I find some sample of this action?
Thanks in advance
Best regards


von Frank Luykx - am 12.06.2015 08:12
you can pass it as one parameters of the open function


von Paulo Oliveira - am 12.06.2015 08:50
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