Invoice package in your region/country (B2B advertisement)

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 09.06.2015 08:01


I would like to sell my Invoice package Premium+ in your country. :)

I need help/cooperation with a Windev developer to perform these tasks:

A) Translate into local language (Norwegian and English is done)
B) Point out changes that needs to be done for your region, (Invoice layouts - tax rates - address formats etc.)
C) Have a local point of contact for customers within the timezone for your country,

You will (if you want) get the unique rights to sell Premium+ in your region/country.
And we can discuss licensing terms and price in your region. (sell, rent, etc.)
We could also set up a TSPlus server (or more) to support Software as a service (SAAS)

If you already have a system that could benefit from a invoice app, we can work together to integrate Premium+ with your system/App.
(as a module, data transfer or whatever)

Some links if you want to have a look at Premium+:

Our site
Download link (our site)

You can also test it on out terminal server:

Visit Our WEB-Invoice site

Username: Demo (The username must be typed as shown with a capital D)
Password: demo

This will launch Premium+ in your browser, as a client on your Mobile or other web-devices.

If interested contact me via this site, wxshowroom, or our site.



I checked your software. I feel there are a lot of changes and fixes required.

For example the Customer Group is shown in case of Supplier. This is not what is expected. There should be Supplier Group showing!

I cannot set VAT (%) in decimal. For example we have VAT in my country at 12.4% and extra tax as 0.33% and 0.34%. How do I set this?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 11.06.2015 14:50

Just to let you know that if you plan to sell your invoice app in Portugal or for companies that issue invoices in Portugal it must be certified by the tax authority.

The information about the certification is in (PT) (EN)

von Paulo Oliveira - am 11.06.2015 15:30


We have VAT of 0%, 8%, 11.11%, and the most common 25% in Norway, så the missing decimals is clearly a bug. (The actual VAT-field in the table is currency ;) )

Fortunately the VAT percent of 11.11% in Norway is on sale of fish, so this bug have not yet been discovered. (I will fix this next week)

Premium+ is based on a older clarion written invoice system and there the customer and supplier are in the same table, only a booleean differs them (And they do share the same Customer-groups)

- Now, in this package you can invoice suppliers to (Tends to happen in Norway at last).

When I made the decision to separate the two I had a hard decision-making - should I let it be as-is or to separate.

- It`s not difficult to have one for the suppliers ( max 1-2 hours work with testing), but I did this on purpose (sue me if you want ;) )

- I have approx 5-6000 users in Norway which I`m slowly migrating to Premium+ and have done a lot of service against them over the last decade (10 year old product still going strong).

How many supplier-groups have I seen? (usually 0 - perhaps 2) (And for that matter how many customer groups? - 2 -3 at the most?)
(maybe I should just called it layout-groups?)

The Customer / Supplier group are mainly are used to is to separate Invoice layouts Group 1 = English customers = English layout, Group 2 = Norwegian customers = Norwegian invoice layout. - But if you people think it`s importen to separate Customer group/Supplier groups I`ll do (A boolean flag in the table) - Is this a importen feature?, is the product not logic because of this? or is it a "nice on paper" feature (I dont know)

Extra tax - I guess this tax is product dependent? +0.33 on some product if some criteria?

Your posting is very valuable Yogi - that`s why I asking for cooperation with a developer in the particiluar country in my post. And the work required on points mentioned so far is not scaring :)

@Paulo - The invoice must be clarified or the software or our company?- My guess is that it`s at least a bit difficult to get clarence on a invoice that the customer can change them self anytime :)

My deal is to let you and your company sell it in Portugal if of interest.

Anyway thanks again for your replies.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 11.06.2015 21:20

cool report designer. Did you make this yourself ?



von Allard - am 11.06.2015 22:55

No, I made a class to control List & Label via API. :)


von Tor-Bjarne - am 12.06.2015 05:27
I cannot set VAT (%) in decimal. For example we have VAT in my country at 12.4% and extra tax as 0.33% and 0.34%. How do I set this?

Hi yogi in the latest version you can set tax rates and VAT se below:

First you define one or more global taxes (Name it to whatever you want) and turn off VAT (or not) as needed:

Note: Tax can be accumulative (Tax 1 is calculated then Tax 2 is calculated on sum+tax1)

The defined tax`es is shown in the Order-line spread:

You can change the global percentage, or exclude for a product:

The defined tax is also (Offcourse) available in the Report-designer and must be inserted where you like:

And Printout shows tax:

Customer Group is shown in case of Supplier. This is not what is expected. There should be Supplier Group showing!

And this is made for you ;) regarding "Groups"


von Tor-Bjarne - am 17.06.2015 13:20
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