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Problem testing Result of checkbox

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 09.06.2015 12:08

Hello All,

I have a window with a checkbox that asks a question "Are Inventory Items Taxed?". When check box is checked (ticked), it is store as 1 (one), when unchecked, it is stored as 0 (zero). The field in the file is an integer field size 1. The field name is isinvtax. I used mysql.

When data in mysql field isinvtax is 1 (one) and I test for it like this;

If isinvtax=1 THEN

I get Zero. I have checked over and over and cant seem to find what is wrong.

I will appreciate any help.



Hello Sam

Is it a multi question tickbox ?
If so you will need to reference the subscript of the control question as
If IsInvTax[1] = 1


von Al - am 09.06.2015 12:47
Hello Sam

you are not showing us the code that writes in the file... that may be it!

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.06.2015 13:02
Hello Al,

I am using version 12 and its not a multi question checkbox.

von Sam Asid - am 09.06.2015 15:00
Hello Fabrice,

I am using version 12.

The saving bit is simple as below;

SWITCH Left(ExtractString(gsWindowMode,1,"="),8)
// 'Creation' mode
CASE "Creation"
// Setup the record and save
// Add the record
IF ErrorOccurred THEN
Info("Unable to add record"+CR+HErrorInfo())

// Indicates that the form is no longer modified
gsModifiedWindow = gsModifiedWindow OR MyWindow..Modified

// 'Modif' mode
CASE "Modif"

von Sam Asid - am 09.06.2015 16:36
Hi Sam

so it looks like you are setting the record fields values in RADSave, probably by a screenToFile... have you checked that the checkbox is correctly linked with the file item?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.06.2015 19:28
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