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WB17 Soap service + PHP

Startbeitrag von cardcoder am 09.06.2015 14:32

Hi Guys,

I am struggling with the following -

I need to talk to a soap server to get a price for delivery of a parcel.

I have created the xml document BUT how do I communicate with the soap server?

Soaprun is not allowed with PHP. I have been through the help and now banging my head against the wall. ANY help greatly appreciated.

TIA and regards,

Mike Allison


Does it need be soap? What about httprequest ()

You can look for some php code that does the soup stuff and past it into webdev. It is possible to run php code. You have to click on the bar in the code editor ( server wl ) wl will change in php.

Then it is possible to paste php sniplets.



von Allard - am 09.06.2015 19:10
Hi Allard,

I need to pass an xml document to a soap server and then I am supposed to get an xml response.

I have a demo in php - but it is quite complicated.

If it can be done by http request - yes please !!



von cardcoder - am 09.06.2015 19:52

I donnot kknow it it can be done using httprequest() for it is used for a rest not soap. Rest is an other protocol.

So you should look for rest and if it is possible to use that. If so you can use httprequest and that is not verry difficult to use.

If rest is possible they should have an explination on what you have to sent and what you get back from them. Soap is more standard , rest can be what the programmer wants to have .

Sorry I canoot give more info on this matter. I havenot used soup only for little stuff ( windev ), i have used rest , extensively ( windev ) and that was not difficult.



von Allard - am 10.06.2015 20:35
Hi Allard,

They have sent me a soap script and a php test script.

I may have to modify their test script and call it from my web page.

Thanks for your help.


von cardcoder - am 11.06.2015 10:10
Hi Mike,

Yes I think that is the way to go . If you use webdev php.

Indeed it has its limitations. Soup and webservices even if you create a webbservice with windev have to run on the application websv server. That is how pcsoft does things

Php modus doesnot use the application server so you are left in the dark. It is a cool product, donnot get me wrong I like it but it is limited. I think pcsoft should put more effort into it. But that is not likely for them to do for they would have to develop 2 products that do basicly the same.things.

For instance charts in php, even in version 20 they are not availeble. I think it will never be. There are php rad programms that are a lot cheaper then webdev that do provide charts. It is a bit frustrating for the customers nowdays expet chats as a standard thing.

Good luck


von Allard - am 11.06.2015 23:20
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