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Startbeitrag von iso am 10.06.2015 10:38


I know i can use the iParameterExport function to add an email recipient/email subject

but is there a way to add text to the body of the email (without using 'new object OLE "Outlook.Application"')




Hi iso,

What do you mean? (I ask because I assume you saw the straith-forward example in the help which does exactly that: http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?1000017026. When the user click on export to email, all fields are pre-defined.)

It is not possible to directly fill the body of the email. What we do is that our application is automatically generating a PDF then we build an email ready to be sent, using the email variable. We do not have code specifically for Outlook. (We do the job manually.)

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 10.06.2015 12:31
Hi Alexandre,

im using the following:

iParameterExport(iExportEmailRecipient, "Wam@CrazyMail.com; Celia.Wat@ZMail.fr")
iParameterExport(iExportEmailSender, "Itsme@Berrymail.com")
iParameterExport(iExportEmailSubject, "Result of yearly sales")

but was looking for something which i guess would look like this:

iParameterExport(iExportEmailBody, "Dear ....")

I also have done it the same way you said, but in this case the user wants to open the report in the print view before sending the email.



von iso - am 10.06.2015 15:34
Hi iso,

In such a case we had done this in the past: we added a new button in the Print preview to actually create manually the email, content, etc. and add a copy in the CRM of our application. It worked well, but was a challenge to implement (before the existence of the procedure variable for the call-back to the main application for the CRM part).

Now we removed that. We simply tell the user to click on the good button, because any-way, they can very easily click the attachment to see if the PDF is correct (and cancel if not).

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 10.06.2015 15:44
Hi Alexandre,

thanks, will consider adding a button to the preview, forgot you could do that.


von iso - am 10.06.2015 17:34
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