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WB20 : Project NOT Updating Pagetemplate / Menu when Upload to Server?

Startbeitrag von Dan M am 14.06.2015 02:54

WB20 : Weird one ... I modified the Page template (changed the Menu) all looks good and works on DEV machine ... but when I upload the site to the server ... the MENU is not updated ??? I have tried recompiling, repairing the project, closing the project & deleteing the CPL directory & ENV file and still nothing ... I cannot get the correct menu from the Page Template to display on the server ... Does anyone know how you get around thing so the Page Template & menu will update to the same one in the project on my DEV machine? Here is a screen shot http://screencast.com/t/Hl5WJcrW


Hi Dan,

How do you upload your project, ftp or setup by physical media?
If you have access to the server you could try the latter for a change.

To clean a project on my dev machine I always delete the following folders:
(replace XX by your language(s))

These folders will be created and filled again when Webdev restarts and recompiles.

You can do the same cleanup on your server by emptying the MYPROJECT_WEB/res and the MYPROJECT_WEB/XX folders before uploading the project.(Will save you some diskspace too, because a lot of unused resfiles still linger in these folders after several updates)
I always use setup by physical media, so I'm not sure what ftp upload will do.


von Piet van Zanten - am 14.06.2015 08:38
Thx Piet

von dan matis - am 17.06.2015 20:26
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