[WB19] Overflow issues with AJAX table

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Before I begin I want to mention that I found this thread on this forum that described nearly the same exact problem that I have, but I wasn't able to follow the advice given in that thread to fix my issue.

I have an application that was originally developed by someone else in WB17 and was recently upgraded to run on WB19. Upgrading seems to have broken a piece of the layout that centers around an ajax table. Similar to the thread above, when I set the table to conform to browser dimensions, instead of stopping at the edges of what's visible in the browser the whole table is displayed horizontally and there is a very long horizontal scrollbar in the browser (not in the table itself, although there is for some reason a scrollbar present there too that only scrolls a few pixels left or right).

I've tried everywhere I can think of to edit this, from the zones to the cells to the table itself. If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Right now the layers look something like this:

--Zone (height and with set to match browser)
----CELL_MDL_Container (height and width set to match browser, no overlay)
------CELL_MDL_Main (height and width set to adapt to browser, anchor point of reference is CELL_MDL_CONTAINER top left, stackable)
--------Ajax Table (height and width set to adapt to browser, anchor point of reference is CELL_MDL_Main top left, stackable)


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