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I am looking for a new hosting company that provides windows server at a reasonable price

Startbeitrag von dan matis am 17.06.2015 20:24

I am looking for a new hosting company that provides windows server at a reasonable price ... Rackspace just eliminated their lower end servers and the cheapest they offer is $111 per month. That is too much to host a simple blog. Who are you using?



Ryan threw this out as a good option:


Shoot an email to Tim or I if you have any questions we can help with.

Hope to see you at WXDevCon!

von M. Beaven - am 17.06.2015 21:22
Hi Dan,

we're using a dedicated server at www.server4you.de but we decided for a Linux OS not for Windows. HFSQL and WEBDEV do work fine with Linux. In some respects even better. You have to look at the critics of each of those providers out there. The cheapest ones mostly do not have a good reputation for their service. Imho, a really important feature is remote reboot whenever the system is dead out there, which happens with all providers somewhen. Our old provider did provide that for 35,- Euros for each reboot during working hours, Server4you provides a web site with the ability to reboot anytime as often as one wishes for extra 5,- € / month. With Server4you Windows 2012 R2 is 15,97 € / month.

von GuenterP - am 18.06.2015 05:35

I`m quite happy with Leaseweb according to their site it`s as low as 4.20EUR a month for a virtual server.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 18.06.2015 07:41
Here are the suggestions I received from everyone (For reference)

Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2
Kalanda : https://www.kalanda.net/ (not English)
HostGator (for inexpensive blogging ... no WebDev)
Digital Oceans
www.server4you.de ( for Linux)

I find it interesting that ... nobody suggested PCSoft Cloud ? Is anyone using PCSoft Cloud ... Has anyone tried it?

Update on my situation ...

When I original asked for input I did not explain my need completely. My primary reason for considering a new server was to separate this one new blog+ site from all the other sites which I am currently hosting on my Rackspace server. I did not want to have people able to connect all the other sites on this one server with this one new site. It seems there are ways and sites that allow you to identify a domain name , then get the IP for that site and last to do a reverse look up and see what other sites are hosted on that same IP address / server. For reason I can't discuss and SEO concerns ... this is not something I can allow.

After speaking with Rackspace they referred me to a site / company called CloudFlare.com which is a CDN (that will be another post as I learn more)

Basically, what CloudFlare.com could do for me is to mask the IP address that this new site could be traced back to. This in turn allows me to prevent anyone from connecting the new site to my actual server and prevent people from identifying the other sites I am hosting... or at least that is what I was told and appears to be true from the testing I have done. Time will tell ... If anyone knows this to be untrue I would appreciate your feedback.

For now I have decided not to add a new server but instead to add the blog to the existing server where I am currently hosting several other sites already. I then added the CloudFalre.com service for this new site. Cloud Flare offers several different levels of service with the lowest level being FREE. I like the price and have proceeded.

But I intend to test out each of the solution over the next 2 months and if all works I will move all my sites to a new server on a different service. Currently I am using a Windows 2008 R2 SP! with 4GB & 160GB HD. The reason ... One of our sites has over 100GB of data files and at the time ... Rackspace was cost effect (only $250 per month) and ... well it was easy to set up. The problem I currently have with Rackspace is ... I have recently downsized the data files and no longer need the 160GB HD. According to Rackspace ... for a Windows server you can resize it to be large but you cannot make it smaller. So if I want to stay with Rackspace ... I would need to create a new server and to reinstall everything then transfer all the data from my current server to the new server. Too much work and time at this time ...

I had previously been with Host gator and every time I had to install the WAS I had nothing but problems. Back in version 17 ... I even paid PCSoft over $1100 to set up the WAS on the Hostgator server and they could not get it to work. So as far as a Windows Server with the WebDev WAS .... HostGator is NOT an option I am not willing to try again. But HostGator looks like a good option for a basic blog which has nothing to do with WebDev.

In the end, I ended up choosing to stay with Rackspace, to use the existing server, and implemented the CloudFlare.com service. And Why? ....

1. No additional cost for a new server & already have one that is fully functional
2. No additional cost for a new WAS license from PC Soft as 1 is required for each server
3. CloudFlare offer the service I needed ... for FREE

Well that all for that ... Thanks again for everyone who provided input and if you have any questions ... just ask!

von DanM - am 20.06.2015 17:30
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