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iOS Identifiers For Push Notifications

Startbeitrag von André Labuschagné am 17.06.2015 23:15

Hi All

Has anyone here managed to successfully implement push notification for iOS? I am battling to establish if a valid identifier is being returned by the PCSoft function. If you have got this right I would appreciate it if I can communicate with you - either on the forum here or privately. The reason why I am not asking a specific question right now as I have no idea where the thing is going pear shaped.




Yes, everything works fine for me by using Enterprise license and the push is done automatically and you see the link below if you don't have Enterprise one:




von kingdr - am 17.06.2015 23:49
Hi King

Thanks for that.

I have followed the PCSoft notes and have an apple developer and enterprise certificate so I am good to go there. Where I seem to be having a problem is with the PCSoft code that generates the identifier. I am not sure I am storing this correctly. We do not use their H files but a flavor of SQL. I see they are storing all identifiers s binary memos. What equivalent storage in sql will be required? A blob? Are the Apple identifiers made up of visible characters as the Android ones are? Are you using WX for this work?


von André Labuschagné - am 18.06.2015 06:18

I am using wm20 and mostly with iPhone6+,5S,4 and iPad mini and have
no issue by using notification push regardless of hyperfile/msSql and other databases
and not sure what methods that you're using thus causing the trouble.

I haven't tried Android as they don't operate the same way as in ios.

Basically, I have no idea how pcSoft generates ID for certain operations/communication
purposes, perhaps better to consult them of how to in order to get better understandings.

I do use mixtures with wm20,wb19 but not wd19 in IOS at all.

Can you state your app with examples so that I can figure out in my side
and test around.



von kingdr - am 18.06.2015 10:39
Hi King

I have been trying to get hold of you on your email but have had no reply.

I am really wanting to know what WX code you used to get at the identifier and what field type you store it in.


von André Labuschagné - am 18.06.2015 13:41

Would it be helpful to you as below link:


You can create your own ID when you generate xcode from WM20, like


or you have something else in your mind.



von kingdr - am 18.06.2015 14:51

Ok. I try as below:

(in wm20 IDE)
Click ios>Generating the iPhone/iPad...
Identifier of Bundle: com.myAPN.myApp

(Assumming you have an Enterprise Lic)
then copy all generated IOS/lib/app into iMac>XCode
and ensure that the deploy successfully in your iPhone/iPad.

Now, just logon to your a/c @ ios Dev Center
Goto Certificates, Identifier & profiles
Click Identifiers> App IDs,
then you will see something like

Xcode iOS App ID us yourRegName yourApp > ID=com.myAPN.myApp

and that's all I know so far

or you may just compile and generate the sample program iossystem
(there's an example about Notification things...)
and you will also see ... App ID us pcsoft iossystem us.pcsoft.iossystem

and that's all I can help so far.




and find one iPhone/iPad generate

von Kingdr - am 18.06.2015 17:11
Hi King

This has got lost in translation. I am not talking about the identifiers of the bundle. I have got those and have been using them for years.

I am talking about the identifier of the device that gets stored for use in push notifications.


von André Labuschagné - am 18.06.2015 17:48
Hi All

It is a long story but it is sorted now - the use of H files in the examples with implicit data type conversions blind sided me. Had to make some adjustments to the storage types for iOS and Android respectively and all seems to be working now.


von André Labuschagné - am 21.06.2015 13:54
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