ActiveX_Search>>Navigate(cURL) - in linux

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 18.06.2015 19:24


I use this to display the content of an url like "";

It works fine in Windows.

But in Linyx the activeX control is not supported.

Is there a workaround to show url from a linux program.


Willy Hermans


Hi Willy,

shellexecute (it wil be display in the default browser)...
Or maybe the html field..

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.06.2015 19:45

Shellexecute does not work in Linux.

Maybe a HTML edit field will work but I can not place the content of an URL in it.

EDT_HTML = "http://www.mysite"; does not do the job.


This does also not work



von willy hermans - am 19.06.2015 03:24
Hello Willy,

well, if you know what browser is installed (and that could be part of the application setup wizard), you could do an exerun of the browser with the url as parameter

Antoher way ot explore : use httprequest to download the URL content, and display the result of httpgetresult in the html field (I'm worried about JS execution, though)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 19.06.2015 11:33
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