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Native MariaDB Access

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 20.06.2015 03:29

on windev site (http://www.windev.com/ts/download/common-modules-20/mariadb.htm)
"This native access is compatible with the client layers of MariaDB (libpq.dll)"

why libpq.dll and not LibMySQL.DLL , is this typo?


[WM20 -android]

I can't connect to mariadb server using "Native mariaDB access" . I try libpq.dll and LibMySQL.DLL

it work if I use "Native MySQL access" .

am I missing something?

von ccc2 - am 20.06.2015 04:40
I get this

I amd make installation of MariaDB - Free Native Access
This file not exist. I found it in Navicat folder where connection work.
Why it same don't work from windev even I put it in PATH, or in windows\system32 or into windev. All same. It can not make connection.

Which version of MariaDB is supported

von ICI - am 03.10.2016 07:43
Hi, MySQL has been converted to a not really free system. MariaDB is the really free successor of MySQL and will, with time, differ from it.

von GuenterP - am 03.10.2016 08:08
Here is my problem "solution".
I have Wx20, Wx21 products installed on my laptop.
I'm download (WX210PACKMARIADB039e.exe) and install it but without success.
I try to use dll from navicat but without success.

After little browsing trough folders I'm found that libmariadb.dll x86 and x64 are copied into
C:\WinDev 20\Programs\Framework\Win32x86 instead of
C:\WinDev 21\Programs\Framework\Win32x86

So I'm copy this file from Wx20 to Wx21 folder and connection work. So, another problem with updates and installations from PC SOFT.
So maybe all others have same problem ?

Regards !

von ICI - am 03.10.2016 08:23
I have the same problem connecting to MariaDB. I have gone straight to Windev 21. Can you help with where I can find the .dll files? Alternatively, if its downloadable, can anyone send me the link?

Thank you.


von Sam Asid - am 03.10.2016 09:55
1. Go to "Command prompt"
2. cd\
3. dir libmaria*.* /S

You will see all folders where libmariadb.dll is located
Copy libmariadb.dll into "WinDev 21\Programs\Framework\Win32x86" folder
after that it must work. Work for me.

Regards !

von ICI - am 03.10.2016 13:15
I know this is an old topic, but I had the same issue and just wanted to leave the solution here for anyone else in the future.

The libmariadb.dll file is not installed with the standard MariaDB 10.1 setup, you need to install the separate "MariaDB Connector/C" from the downloads page. This will install the libmariadb library which you then need to copy to the WinDev\Programs\Framework\Win32x86 folder.

von Gary Williams - am 24.04.2017 05:14
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