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WM20 - Window with return value

Startbeitrag von ICI am 24.06.2015 10:31

Hi to all.
I try to make it work like in windev.
- Open another window and on closing return value and continue , but
After opening another window (OpenMobileWindow, OpenChild, Opensister) code on first continue to execute and android application don't wait execution and result back, just continue executing code with empty result. IS there possibility to wait user choose some action, back result to window and continue executing application.

Thank you !



there is no modal window in android. However, there is a new section of code available in the calling window that is fire wen the second one is closed, or you can use a timer

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.06.2015 11:45

modal windows : info(), error(), warning()

you can use loop but this is very bad method . I did that before, this cause
1. messy code flow
2. touch screen become intermittent not response
3. drain power .

von ccc2 - am 24.06.2015 15:26
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