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WD19/20 - can I print a pivot table

Startbeitrag von Arie am 24.06.2015 10:48

I want to use the pivot table control. But can it be printed as well, let say in the state (collapse/expand certain levels) the user has selected?


Hi Arie,

I use PVTToExcel and then ShellExecute.

This exports the PivotTable to an xls file in the format that you have it displayed in (collapsed, expanded etc) then use ShellExecute to print it.


von Ned! - am 24.06.2015 12:29
OK, that will do for the moment.

I also want to change the presentation of the calculated value at runtime.
I'm counting the number of minutes in my situation
And want to display that as hours+minutes.

It doesn't look like if that is possible. The cells always show a (formatted) number.
Is there a way show a text, based on the calculated value?

von Arie - am 24.06.2015 13:42
I added a formula field in the query, feeding the pivot table.


This way the time is presented as a decimal value. Which is perfectly usable in the pivot table.
i.e. 75 minutes is 1.25 hours

von Arie - am 24.06.2015 14:28
Print to excel works fine with me and no need to use shell execute.

You can do all kind of thing with this control . Change collor based on conditions etc and change the formatting as well. Works great. But I guess you found that yourself



von Allard - am 25.06.2015 09:34
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