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[WD19] [WB19] EmailImportHTML

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 25.06.2015 05:39

I can run the WD19 sample code WIN_EmailImportHTML - it's fine.

I can use this with html images - also fine.

However - same code - same html file does not work in WebDev19.

I have tried every variation without success. The EmailImportHTML does not load he embedded html images.

I have run out of ideas as to what the WebDev version is looking for. I think I have tried every possible combination. I "suspect" that it does not locate the images. I have these together with the html is the same directory.

EmailImportHTML([,] , [, ])

: Optional Email variable

Name of the Email variable corresponding to the email into which the HTML document must be imported.
If this parameter is not specified, Email.HTML (variable of the Email structure) is filled with .
: Ansi character string (with quotes)
Content of the email in HTML format.
: Character string (with quotes)
Reference directory for the images (case of relative paths in the HTML content).
: Optional Integer constant
Import options (when using the Email structure only):

Is anyone using WebDev to generate HTML emails with images?

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!!


Hi Derek,

generally, this kind of problems comes from either from permissions or from pathURLs problems...

So :
- check that the images are readable (with a fread, by example) where they are stored
- and also check how your links to images in the html are formatted.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.06.2015 11:20
Hi Fabrice

Thanks. You are always generous with your time and very helpful.

Actually - I have just now resolved the issue.

As usual, my own fault ! The code was *not* identical. There was a cut and paste error - and I had a line of code saying:-

Email.NbAttach = 0

So - EmailImportHTML works just fine !!

von DerekM - am 25.06.2015 12:03
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