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problem using reports and queries

Startbeitrag von Allard am 25.06.2015 09:30


I use reports and queries so users can adjust their invoices etc. This works partially. I have an odd thing going on.

If I adjust a report and save the report. All works fine. The user can adjust everything . He can even add fields etc.

However when user closes the application and starts it up again the reports do not work properly.

IIf I use and internal query then that wuery works fine all the time. However I add stuff by programming as well like the adres of the company and the adres of the client. All this info isnot found. It looks like the report has no connection.

For one of the reports I changed internal querie for a normal query and use it with hquery execute. This report isnot even run. for It doesnot execucte the code.

If I open it and save it then it works, But after shutting down my application and starting it up again it doesnot work anymore.

Does the connection have to be specified for a report.

I could make a big internal query witch holds all the fields and link everything to this query. This would problebly work since internal queries are run as they should.

If possible I wouldnot like to use this.

Has anyone had this kind of thing ad if so do you have a work arround? I hope I discribed the problem good enough .




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