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WinDev/WebDev Webservice run from HTML

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 29.06.2015 05:21

I have a working WSDL. I can run this fine from any browser - enter the parameters - all good.

Now I am trying (without much luck) to call this webservice from HTML. I have a few generic examples of javascript/json HTML code - but my lack of expertise in this area is showing.

It sounds like a simple exercise - but I am not getting it right. Does anyone have any code snippets or techniques that they could share? I'm not sure if there is anything peculiar to WinDev/WebDev (V19) Webservices or if I am just getting everything wrong.

Actually - all I am trying to do here is implement a registration validation/callback from a registration email. Perhaps there is a better way of accomplishing this? Would dynamic AWP work from HTML?

Any opinions or comment greatly appreciated. :confused:




I just had to use the standard WSDL script as a starting point (of course!)

von DerekM - am 29.06.2015 06:37
Just a short addendum for future reference.:

The "problem description" above discusses a webservice from a registration email.

NOT a good idea :sneg:

My webservice is in the trash can! No need for javascript in emails, particularly as dynamic URL's in WebDev are so darned easy :xcool:

von DerekM - am 30.06.2015 11:54
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