WDSetup & Installer bug WD20

Startbeitrag von StefanoG am 01.07.2015 15:38

When you use the WDSetup to make a standalone installer it does not check and update the registry info when the program has a previous version installed. For example if I have version 2.1 of a WD software and launch the WD installer generated from the 2.2 version it upgrades the software but not the info in "installation/disinstallation" control panel of windows. There V2.1 still stands after any further upgrade. To change it I need to uninstall the program and re-install. I expect auto-update of the version.

Can I force at worse the disinstallation of previous versions before installing new versions?

And what about exe language in windows file details?! It says FRANCE... but I set everywhere in my project, configuration, db, eccc. Italian as unique language...

PS. MSI installer mode is weird... immediately skipped


Re: WDSetup & Installer bug WD20

Hi Stéfano,

I do not remember any option to setup things the way you want. However, the sources of WDSetup are available in a windev subfolder, so you can make any change/improvement you want at that level

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.07.2015 16:51

Re: WDSetup & Installer bug WD20

Sure, I saw them. Thank you for the advice :)

von StefanoG - am 01.07.2015 17:00
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