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[WM20 android] accessing database via webservice

Startbeitrag von ccc2 am 08.07.2015 16:35


I creating a pms app, accessing mysql database via webservice . the webservice and databases is hot on win7 i7 (base speed 2.3Ghz , 4gb ram) , the app run on samsung tab pro. there only 10 records for testing . but whenever the app try retrieve data, there's a 1 or 2 seconds of hang/pause time .

i have tried to reduce the number of times to access the database by downloading data that not frequent change and store it to local sqlite . but i can't do this to transaction data that require latest update .

since i don't see performance spike on the webservice or the tablet , I assume that not the hardware issues .

is there a way the speed it up ? will future version of wd will able to speed it up ? will there be linux version of webservice?



There is always a small delay in the connection to webservices and retrieving the information. To prevent hanging of the application, you can better deal with http requests in a seperate thread. The app will still function while data is being retrieved.

It does still take the same amount of time to gather the information though, but you can show a nice loading animation during that time.

For your questions: 1 or 2 seconds is not a bad response or a webservice call. I doubt it will get much faster by reducing code or future versions of WinDev.
As far as I know, webservices work on Linux by deploying them on the WebDev application server, I haven't tested this yet so there might be some limitations.

von M-K - am 14.07.2015 08:57
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