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[WB19] Scatter Gather

Startbeitrag von Randall am 09.07.2015 17:48

Is there an easy way of copying a record from one table to another... like scatter/gather?


Hi Randall

if you are talking about copying a record from one file of the analysis to another one, and if both files have the same structure, then the answer is hcopyrecord

if you are talking about copying a line from a table control to another one, and both have the same columns, then I think I remember that tableName returns a tab delimted string that you can use in tableAdd(secondtable...)

If you are not in one of those two cases, please give us some precisions

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.07.2015 18:39
You mean this?

"In computing, vectored I/O, also known as scatter/gather I/O, is a method of input and output by which a single procedure-call sequentially writes data from multiple buffers to a single data stream or reads data from a data stream to multiple buffers. The buffers are given in a vector of buffers."

von abonds - am 10.07.2015 02:06
if it's only to copy one record from one table (file) to another why don't you use:
INSERT INTO FileName [(NameOfItems)] SELECT ...

von Paulo Oliveira - am 10.07.2015 09:48
He means an old FoxPro Command

FileToArray() should do it!

von stefan.kern - am 10.07.2015 20:11
I apologize for not being more specific... I was referring to the old FoxPro commands.
I referred to that because it could be easily entered at the command line. I realize there is a debug interface, but I'm not aware of a similar command line interface to copy and paste (scatter/gather) a record... there's a graphical interface where there's this context menu, and although you can Copy a Row there's no way that I know of to Paste a Row... which would be very helpful.

[attachment 1592 file_context_menu.png]

von Randall - am 14.07.2015 15:10
Scatter / Gather like FoxPro is available in WinDev using "Record" type variable. Here is example used to split and invoice line into two lines.

Create a variable of type "Record"
Scatter to it by = when you are on the record to scatter
Make any field changes required to the variable
Reverse the code to gather =
Now add the gathered record.

// First create variable of record in my table called edcmeters
rRec is record of edcmeters

// Then in button do code...
//1 : &Split
//2 : Do ¬ split
SWITCH Dialog("Split line for this reading?")
rRec = edcmeters // scatter record
rRec.EDCINVOICE = Null // Roll readings 1 an d2
rRec.EDCTREAD1 = 0
rRec.EDCTREAD2 = 0
edcmeters = rRec // Gather record
HAdd(edcmeters) // Add record

TableDisplay(Table_edcmeters,taStart) // Redisplay the table to show new record

Windev is a great replacement for FoxPro.

von Mark Crichton - am 15.07.2015 09:52
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