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WxLive Webinar #157 - Uncle Pete’s Corner – Using jQuery to work around a WebDev Bug

Startbeitrag von tfischbeck am 15.07.2015 21:24

Fri, Jul 17, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Central US Time


This week Pete found a bug in v20 of WebDev. To be fair it is a bug that requires a number of conditions to be met before it is an issue. First your Web Page has to use some form of Anchoring by Height (he almost always has his stretch to fill the browsers), Next you have to be using a Popup Page on that Web Page (He commonly does edit forms as popups on the same page that the browse is on, as it keeps his browse and form on the same page), and finally you have to be using a Tab Control on that Popup Page (He rarely uses Tab Controls on the Web, generally its not a natural interface for the web, but for this particular site it was the right interface).

When you meet those three conditions, the tab control will be rendered as wider than you make it at design time and there really isn’t anyway around the issue, no matter how wide you make your tab it will be extended wider at run-time. This has been reported as a bug to pcSoft and hopefully we will get a fix for it, but in the meantime he needs to get on with his work.

Well in our continuing jQuery and CSS series we will take a look at exactly how he tracked down the offending HTML code that was causing the tab to be rendered to wide, how he figured out what the code should look like, and finally how he used a couple of lines of jQuery in order to get the tab control to render correctly.

This article and webinar, will be a great example of why knowing HTML, CSS, and jQuery is so handy even if you are a WebDev developer, by being able to exploring the underlying HTML code, he was able to come up with a work around that lets us move forward with the site development and at the end of the day, that is all his clients care about, they don’t want to hear about who’s bug or fault it is, they just want a solution to their problem.


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