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HFCS / HFClassic GPW usage problem to maintain and deploy

Startbeitrag von Andre Fourie am 24.07.2015 10:59

Hi Everyone

I have an accounting application in WD14. Some of my clients are using the application as a single user HF Classic and other clients are using the application as multi-User HF C/S. I am using groupware (GPW) features for security.

I understand the gpwOpenConnection() for C/S and Gpwopen() for HF Classic. The Analysis and the source for both single (HFClassic) and multi-user(HF/CS) remains the same, one Project and source code, but I want to point the HFCS to its own directory and The HF/CS to its server directory and do provide for the difference in the paths within the program with an indicator (M or S user).

My problem is at the start of the application with the GPW for each, It needs the GPW defined in the analysis for the Single user and get an error “not initialised or GPWUSER not in analysis”, Multi user database\GPW code works fine.

Can anyone please help me or have any suggestions or concept on how to maintain and deploy one application accessing only HFClassic or only HF/CS depending on an indicator in the .ini file

Your help will really be appreciated, Thanks


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