Theta join in query editor

Startbeitrag von StefanoG am 27.07.2015 09:26

How can I perform a query like the following using the editor?

SELECT, item.desc, local_data.qty FROM items LEFT OUTER JOIN on = local_data.itemId AND local_data.branch = 2 LIMIT 100

The aim of the query is retrieving anagraphics of items plus their local data (stock qty, sale price, location and so on). In the example i want local data of branch/company n.2
The best would be setting the branch as parameter of the query, like you do with WHERE clause parameters.

The editor forbids the join on 2 fields (theta join.. it says) where I try to write the sql code and then run the reverse engineering on the query. I can make theta join using the editor of the join but there I cannot insert fixed values or parameters.

Is querying by hand the only way to do this?
Thank you


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