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[WM17] - Multiple Project Configuration

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 29.07.2015 14:54


I have completed a mobile app for Android.

Now I want to build the app for iOS as well as Windows Mobile (Windows 7).

I am a bit confused as to how to proceed.

I mean what is better. To duplicate the project and configure it for a particular platform and also make necessary changes to the code to accommodate the platform or add configuration to the same project?

If I add multiple platform configuration to the same project how to handle various typical requirements for a particular platform like for example we cannot use ToastDisplay function in iOS.

What would happen in case of Database when we use Windows Mobile (Windows 7)? Will it be SQLite or HFSQL or something else?

There are many question and uncertainly in my mind. I have noted just a few at the moment.


Yogi Yang


Hi Jogy,

I have an android app which we transfer to iOS in the moment.
It is not finishes until now.

We used the same project and added a configuration for iOS.
Nearly all code is hold in classes, there is nearly no code in the windows.
This is to add more configurations, for example for tablets, where we might use different windows for different screen sizes.

You can react to the different platforms by using such commands:

IF InAndroidMode()

IF InIosMode()

This works good for me, but I have to admit, that our project is not really complex
(5 windows only)

I have no experience regarding win phone, but I read somewhere here that WDM win mobile functions are very poor, and WDM is not really suitable for win phone project.

Best Regards


von stefan.kern - am 29.07.2015 19:46
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