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Can you develop on a remote desktop?

Startbeitrag von danmatis am 29.07.2015 22:28

I installed Windev & WebDev on a remote desktop and would like to connect using RDP and develop on the remote machine.

I am connecting to the server using a Chromebook and ChromeRDP but when I start webdev the remote desktop does not recognize the dongle plugged into the chromebook?

Has anyone tried this or have any ideas?

Thanks Dan


Using remote desktop requires the 'network' dongle not the regular one. Remote desktop programs that are based on RDP will not work. However radmin (www.radmin.com) worked the last time I tried it a couple of years ago. And, I would guess that Teamviewer would work as well.

von Donald Montaine - am 30.07.2015 04:29
You can use remote desktop for develop if you have win 2000 win 2003 server and set the option -admin in your connection.
The new remote desktop version (win 2008 win 2012) are different and your donge does not found.

von maurizio martinez - am 30.07.2015 04:43
Hi -

I use WebDev on a computer at home with the dongle, and then I remote in from anywhere using a Chrome browser and the "Chrome Remote Desktop" App. It's free and seems to work pretty well.


von Joel - am 30.07.2015 05:24
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