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[WM20] Detecting different actions in a looper [solved]

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 31.07.2015 08:57

Hi guys,

Wow... I would never have guessed that Loopers were so "different" to implement; would have thought they were just Table controls presented differently to the user?

Anyhow... I can't find this in the Help; On each row of a Browsing Looper (linked to a file), I have a few read-only edit controls along with a push button. I want 2 seperate actions; 1) when the button is tapped and 2) when anywhere else is tapped.

I've coded the button to open Window1 and the Row Selected event of the looper to open Window2. At the moment, wherever the looper row is tapped, it opens Window2, but the button tap is being ignored. :confused:


Re: [WM20] Detecting different actions in a looper

...delete the Looper and "simply" re-create! :(

von DarrenF - am 04.08.2015 07:46
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