WD19 - component window with internal window

Startbeitrag von Geert Debruyne am 31.07.2015 16:41

We have a strange problem.
We have a component included in a project. In this component there is a window that can be used in the project... so far so good, this works.
One parameter of the component window is the name of an internal window that can be placed as part of the component window.
This should make it possible to have a general component window that can be tailered to customer needs by means of putting an internal window into the component window.
Also: so far so good... this works fine.
BUT: when we try to use data from a file from the project in that internal window, we get an error saying 'file xxx is not part of the analyses'.

Even though the internal window is part of the program, once placed on the component window, it does not recognize any of the files in the project; more: from that moment the internal window only knows the files from the component.

I know we can solve this by putting a hOpenAnalyse(... but i really do not like this because this had a deploy drawback. Does anyone know a method how we can solve this without having to put the analyses file within the deploy?


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