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[WB19] Google requires optimize for mobile - how do in WebDev?

Startbeitrag von Joel am 03.08.2015 13:48

Hi everyone - i've been getting messages that to place well in Google searches, Websites now need to be optimized to work with tablets and mobile devices. I do all my development in WebDev - anyone know what needs to be done to meet this new criteria?


Hi joel,

Even with the old criteria search engines and webdev dynamic sites aren't very friendly, i don't know if your sites are dynamic or awp but you can start by this help pages.


von Paulo Oliveira - am 03.08.2015 14:02
Hi Paulo -

Right now they are dynamic, I know I need to shift them over to AWP. I'm not experienced with AWP, so Ive been avoiding the switch. Guess I've got to get 'er done!



von Joel - am 03.08.2015 14:05
depending on what are the requirements of your sites the approach can be quite different, the switch from dynamic to awp isn't as easy as it may look at the beginning.

Don't start converting before making some (complex and heavy) test in awp you may end up with several problems and probably you need to rethink some parts of your apps.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 03.08.2015 15:18
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