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Input Mask Question

Startbeitrag von Patrick Thijs am 08.08.2015 07:57

Hello Everyone,

I must be very stupid, but I can't find a way to define an InputMask for an EditControl, preventing the user to enter spaces.
For example, when a users enters "the summer", he may not be allowed to do this, and the space between the and summer must be removed automaticly when the user presses the spacebar.
I know how to do it after everything is entered, but I want to do it at the time when the user is entering text.
Any suggestions for me ?




Hi Patrick, I wouldn't do this by using a mask. In "whenever modifying ..." you can retrieve the actual cursor position and look whether the character left of it is a space or not. If so then delete it or replace it with an undersore character and if deleted then set cursor position one to to left (curor - 1) if position > 1.

von GuenterP - am 08.08.2015 09:35

click on the control. description appears for this control . select in tab general :
type = tekst
unput mask uppercase letters+ digits .

Then space does nothing


von Allard - am 08.08.2015 10:34

in the windows init put the following

nkey is int = 0x20 // this is space ascii code

in the modification section of the textbox put the following code

IF KeyPressed(nKey) THEN // if space is pressed
SendKey("{RIGHT}"+"{BS}") // send cursor to right of the textbox and do backspace

von aelfassi - am 10.08.2015 22:06
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