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[WD14] Can´t use Stored Queries in Stored procedures

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 08.08.2015 11:56


I know, WD14 is years ago but I have a working application.

Now I try to use a stored query in a stored procedure.

I got an error at runtime:

No analysis is opened: QRY_MYQUERY is not described.

I created the query with the query editor, intellisense shows me this file in SP ... I don´t know how to describe the query, Hdeclareexternal() doesn´t work for Queries ......



Have to ask, did you deploy the query on the server?

// Refresh or create the query
HRefreshQuery(MyConnection, Query1)

I use them and lust use standard hExecuteQuery()


von DW - am 08.08.2015 19:30
Hi Dw,

yes, I did (from the WD14 framework via update stored procedures and queries). The files are present at the server.
I try this again with a new blank project and it didn´t work again. I believe its a general bug in WD14.

But I must find another way because I need to export a file into xml. I found that "Hexportxml" doesn´t work in stored procedures, although the help indicate this.

von Michael Drechsel - am 09.08.2015 09:05
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