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[WM20] Unexpected execution of window events

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 11.08.2015 07:49

Hi guys,

In the "Go" testing option (emulator), I'm seeing an unexpected execution of window events in my project.

I have windows defined in my project:

In Window A I have a looper with a button click event code then opens Window B and the "Row selected" event code opens Window C.
When the button event is fired, Window B is correctly called and in the global declarations of Window B I read a record from a table.
Also in Window B, the "Request for refreshing..." and "End of initialization..." events are (correctly) fired but there's no code in there.
Now here's the unexpected thing; the process flow now "flips back" to Window A's button click event for some reason :confused:
Even more confusing, the processing then goes on to execute events on Window C which is also referred to in the Row selected event of the looper on Window A :confused:

Has anyone else noticed this? Am I doing something wrong? As per my previous post, I have the fields in the looper of Window A defined as attributes, but is there something else I'm missing when defining the Looper on Window A?

As far as I can see, this also happens when I test on the physical device also.


Hmmm... studying the Help files and I came across this:

Android/iOS selection mode: This option is used to hide the selection bar after the selection. This allows you to get the standard operating mode on these platforms: the bar appears when pressing on the row. Then, the code for row selection is run.

Is this correct operation? I've actually tapped a button control on Window A, which in turn seems to be executing the button event, then the process flow also assumes I want to execute the "Row selected" event as well - essentially causing the flipping backwards and forwards between the events in the different windows! :confused:

In WD when a new window is opened, the process flow stays with that window until it is closed, so why does WM flip between windows - surely this can't be "by design"?

von DarrenF - am 11.08.2015 14:47
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