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[WM20+ANDROID+webservice+mysql] SQLGetMemo()

Startbeitrag von CCC2 am 11.08.2015 12:36

I have table which contain blob datatype (all image is below 60kb). when i try display the image on android , some images are not appear .

i tried SQLGetCol() and SQLGetMemo() , using info() to display out the raw data to make sure there is data but somehow image control unable to display .

there is not error or exception .

using Mysqlworkbench I can add and view the images that not appear .

what should I do ? any suggestion?


i create a small test program using wd20 connect using mysql native access .

all pictures are display out.

on wm20 i try generate the hash using hashstring() , i get error empty string . while on WD20 no error .

i guess this is bugs in the pcsoft-webservice .

von CCC2 - am 12.08.2015 02:36
Here what I have tried:

1. using WD20 I create windows application to reupload the images into database.
result in android is same, some picture cannot show up

2. I thinking to use crypt() with cryptAnsi+compress but not support in WM20-android

3. i tried cryptstandard with AES128 . on android after uncryptstandard() all picture not show up. I try uncryptstandard() ON wd20 WIN application , all picture show up. I don't know if the blob data is change or not because in android hashstring() not working.

4. I tried buffertohexa() , but on android hexatobuffer() is not working . on WD20 win application hexatobuffer() is working and all picture show up.

OK. I run out of idea, any suggestion?

von CCC2 - am 12.08.2015 07:35
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