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Training example (WinDev): WD Multi-Windowing

Startbeitrag von DW am 12.08.2015 22:18

Hello All,

What am I missing? The dynamic tab in the help says this example has the new dynamic tab but it is not there.

Did I bink and miss something?



There is no Dynamic Tab control or Tab control in my version of the training example. Seems like another goof by PCSoft.

von Curtis - am 13.08.2015 18:16
Incidentally i reported a bug connected to the dynamic tabs the day before yesterday.
In the email i asked for the example as described on the help side, as soon as i get an answer i let you know.

The bug: i show in the tabs internal windows with many edit fields. If you open the tab the fields are readonly and have a blue background. The user has to press a button to edit the fields (they become active and a white background).
If you open 2 tabs with the same internal window and you press edit in one tab then in both internal windows the edit fields are affected. This is because i grouped the edit fields. So i can use GR_fields..state = active and GR_fields..background = white instead to set it in each edit control. If i set it in each edit field separately then it doesnt happen.
So using groups is buggy.

von Markus K. - am 14.08.2015 12:31
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